Controller for RGB and CCT LED Strip (Zigbee)

kr. 7.090

Zigbee LED RGB/CCT controller sem virkar meðal annars með Philips Hue, Smartthings og Homey Pro snjallstöðvunum.

270W hámarksálag

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Input Voltage: 12-24-36-48-54V

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  • Product information “Controller for RGB and CCT LED Strip (Zigbee)”

    The Zigbee 3.0 RGB and CCT LED controller is compatible with multiple gateways such as the Aeotec Smart Home Hub, Homee, Philips Hue Hub or Amazon’s Alexa Echo Plus. With this smart controller, LED Strips with RGB and CCT (5-in-1) chipsets as well as all standard LED products with 12/24V power supply can be controlled conveniently via a smart home gateway. This allows you to switch on/off, change the color, change the color temperature and dim LED strips, LED recessed spotlights, LED outdoor lighting or even pool lighting.

    This product works with the following LED Stripes: 

    The LED Controller does not include a power adapter. Get this power adapter to run it with a 24V LED Strip:


    • Color temperature change: 2000K – 6500K
    • RGB color range: 16 million
    • Input voltage: DC 12-24 volts (no power adapter included)
    • Total output current: Max. 5 amps at 12-24VDC
    • Protection class: IP20
    • Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C

    What is RGB?
    RGB stands for red, green and blue. RGB lights are equipped with 3 LED Chips. That allows individual color changes and light spectrums by combining the red, green and blue LED light. Overall there are 16 million different light colors, that can be configured with RGB LEDs.

    What is RGBW?
    RGBW stand for red, green, blue and white. These lights are equipped with 4 LED Chips. With the extra white LED Chip, a clear white light can be set more efficiently and precisely, because the RGB LEDs are not combined to generate a white light.

    What is CCT?
    CCT stands for correlated color temperature. When using LED lights, CCT stands for a controllable color temperature. The color temperatures reach from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin and can be controlled individually with the correct controller. Warm white light is measured at 2700 Kelvin, neutral white at 4000 Kelvin and daylight at 6500 Kelvin. Depending on the day time you can set a warm or cold color temperature. On one hand its recommended to set a warm light in the evening, similar to the setting sun. On the other hand daylight is more convenient in the morning hours.