24V Spennugjafi Meanwell fyrir RGBW/CCT controller

kr. 8.900

24V Spennugjafi fyrir Gledopto RGBW/CCT stýringarnar.


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  • Product information “Meanwell 24V power adapter for LED Strip Controller”

    This 24V power adapter works with the Gledopto LED Strip Controller and LED Strips. The power adapter has an overall output of 24V and max. 120W. Furthermore it is equipped with a plug type F to C13 cable for the input power and a P1M connector for the output power, which fits to all Zigbee LED Strip Controllers in our portfolio.

    This product is made for LED products, which require a power of 120W. E.g. A LED strip 24W/m can be 5m in length. If the length exceeds this limit, it is recommended to have a second input power adapter to get the maximum light performance.


    • Input Voltage: 85-264 VAC
    • Output Voltage: 24 VDC
    • Output power: 120W
    • Rated current: 5A
    • C13 input – Typ F to C13 cable included
    • P1M plug output